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A Winter collection that makes a statement at Hyde Park Corner

Regulars will know that finding extraordinary things at Hyde Park Corner is not out of the ordinary. The brands that can be found here are exceptional and collectively are the reasons Hyde Park Corner is the shopping destination of choice in Johannesburg when the occasion calls for something to make you stand out. Shankara is of one of those brands.

Where it all began

Talia Neuhaus has always had a healthy obsessed with fashion trends and shopping. This passion coupled with her frustration at not being able to find the styles she enjoyed wearing inspired her to start Shankara way back in 2007 and more recently open a new store in Hyde Park Corner in November 2019. Together with a like-minded friend, Talia decided to import pieces and labels they liked during trips overseas. Shankara introduced a crossover of chic and street fashion to South Africa. Each piece is personally hand-picked by Talia who makes it her business to stay ahead in terms of fashion trends while never compromising quality.

What’s new?

Talia’s selections for Shankara enable her customers to express their style and individuality confident through this ever-changing and exclusive range which has items that will appeal to women between the ages of 15 to 65… anyone who has style and loves to express themselves in a unique way can find a special piece in this boutique. Talia ensures she only brings limited stock of each style to the store which means customers can be assured that their piece is as unique as it can be. She says of her store proudly: “We want to be a destination boutique, a place where all unique and confident women come to enjoy our high-end quality fashion. Ultimately the goal is that every customer will leave the dressing room with a smile.”

Shankara’s 2022 Winter Collection includes pieces which are artworks in themselves. Such as the handmade plaid wool cotton vest which is decorated with prints - this limited-edition piece is wide cut to fit most body types. Or a one-of-a-kind print two-piece suit with a stretchy waist made from soft fine pullover. And because life is far too short to wear boring shoes, hand-made unique high cut lacquer boots

A shopping experience at Shankara will check every creative box you never knew you had!

The Fun Stuff… with Talia Neuhaus

Can’t live without item?


Pet hate?


What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?

I summited Kilimanjaro

Books or movies?

Any Tarantino movies – favourites are Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill

My happy place is… 

The beach

Top of my bucket list is…

To experience an encounter with gorillas

Call Shankara on 0102039401 or visit store MM 54B on the Middle Mall (closest entrance 4) at Hyde Park Corner on the corner of William Nicol Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.


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