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Collaboration of NGOs and corporates brings new relief to Langa

Just over a month since devastating fires raged through the Joe Slovo informal settlement in Langa in the Western Cape, SA Harvest, in collaboration with KFC Add Hope and H&M, along with partner NGOs, has delivered 450 food parcels, R400 000 worth of clothing, and 50 pots and Wonderbags to community members who lost their homes in the fire.

According to the City of Cape Town, 260 structures were destroyed in the fire, with 767 people affected by the blaze on 16 April. The people whose homes were lost have found shelter with neighbours and friends. Humanitarian assistance was provided in the aftermath of the fire, ensuring immediate needs were met. This donation, coming a month after the fire, was timed to bring relief to the affected families after other support has ended.

“This initiative is such a heart-warming example of the power of collaborations, bringing together the contributions of KFC Add Hope and H&M, along with the on-the-ground support of Den Anker restaurant, who facilitated the donation of 50 pots and Wonderbags, and Langa for Men, an NPO that educates and inspires men to be protectors, not perpetrators. The impact of organisations working together is so much greater than can be achieved through individual action,” says Alan Browde, founder and CEO of SA Harvest.

Food parcels were co-ordinated by SA Harvest, the food rescue and hunger relief organisation that has delivered over 21,3 million meals and rescued 6,4 million kilograms of perfectly good food in 33 months, with funding by KFC Add Hope as part of their Langa relief campaign. Each food parcel contains a nourishing basket of ingredients to sustain a family of four for one week. Clothing donated by H&M, consisting of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and underwear, was distributed along with the food parcels.

Distribution of the food parcels and clothing took place today from the 16 on Lerotholi Art Gallery in Langa.

For more information on SA Harvest, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @saharvest or go to


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