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Funeral plan offers opportunities for entrepreneurs

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

As costs continue to rise, the need for funeral policies to enable families to give their loved ones a proper send-off increases. But often policy costs are also prohibitive. Affinity Funeral, part of the Affinity Enterprises group, has developed a plan that delivers the most inclusive family funeral cover in South Africa at very low rates, while also offering real entrepreneurial opportunities within disadvantaged communities. In a country where approximately 9.8 million people are without jobs, driving employment through entrepreneurship is a key priority.

Caillin Harris, GM of Affinity Funeral and Director of National Risk Distribution, the sales arm of Affinity Funeral policies, says Affinity Funeral is an assistance policy, specifically designed to enable low- and middle-income earners to cope with often high costs of cultural funerals that can include transport of the deceased and mourners, meals over several days, tombstones, and much more.

The products have been highly successful throughout the country, and Affinity Funeral has 120 000 policies on its books, growing at a steady rate. This extensive reach into rural and urban areas has been achieved through a large network of approximately 600 sales representatives – primarily from within the communities – working out of 22 branch offices around the country, headed by Sales Manager Poloko Matlhabani, and bringing significant income into numerous households. Says Harris, “Economic empowerment of the communities in which our brand offices are located has been a cornerstone of Affinity Funeral since the company was established in 2014.” He adds that Affinity Funeral is steadily expanding its number of branch offices and on-the-ground sales representatives and encourages applications to “become a part of the Affinity revolution”.

Poloko Matlhabani, Sales Manager at Affinity Funeral, heads 22 branch offices around South Africa

Affinity Funeral entrepreneurs – branch managers and representatives – are thriving, creating successful businesses from a desire to succeed and an entrepreneurial spirit. “We provide the training, a starter pack, marketing material, and as they progress, so our investment in them grows. We have no minimum education or cost requirements from our applicants, and simply hard work and efficiency will ensure they make a success of their efforts. We need more entrepreneurs on our team as we grow – people who know their communities and who want to succeed.”

One of Affinity Funeral’s top branch managers is Prosper Ntutu of the Eastern Cape, who has worked with company since April 2015 and has six branches – five in the Eastern Cape and one in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga – and about 200 sales representatives. He is delighted with the entrepreneurial opportunities he has been given and has in turn been able to give others from the communities where he operates. “The great thing about being a part of the Affinity Funeral team is that the only essential criteria is the ability to learn and the hunger to succeed. The opportunities are there for anyone to take.” Ntutu says the success of Affinity Funeral is in their excellent levels of service, their understanding of their customers, and their affordability to a target market that battles financially.

Prosper Ntutu manages six Affinity Funeral branches in the Eastern Cape and Nelspruit, leading a growing team of over 200 sales representatives

Affinity Funeral, which is underwritten by Lion of Africa Life Assurance Company, offers policies valued at R10 000, R20 000, and R30 000, at varying premiums starting at R40 per month. The plan offers cover for spouse and five children – with or without the same surname, settles claims within 24 hours if all paperwork is in order, has no waiting period for accidental death after the first premium, covers stillborns from 28 weeks, no travelling to claim, and more.

To join the Affinity Funeral team or to find out more about Affinity Funeral policies, visit http://www.affinityfuneral.co.za/umsizi-wemizi or call Affinity Funeral head office at 072-322-4094.



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