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Impala launches taxi-driven awareness campaigns on World AIDS Day

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

KARAMATA Taxi Association drivers giving the thumbs up to the awareness campaign

Impala Rustenburg commemorated World AIDS Day on 1 December in partnership with three local taxi associations, with the launch of a road safety and HIV awareness campaign, with posters and flyers distributed by the taxis to the local communities.

Mark Munroe, CE of Impala Rustenburg, says the mining company has been working with the taxi associations during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Taxis play a key role in the lives of our employees and the wider communities. We recognise this and as a team we engaged with the associations and drivers to meet their need for information campaigns, training, PPE, sanitisers, vehicle fumigation kits, and more. We have continued to build our relationship with the taxi associations, and we’re proud to work with them at the start of the festive season on the occasion of World AIDS Day to highlight important road safety tips to keep safe over the holiday period and to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the need to ensure ongoing services and care for people in our communities. Impala Rustenburg has always been committed to working together with our communities and their leaders to make a difference, and to contribute to a safer and healthier environment for everyone in these communities. With the festive season officially underway from 1 December, we hope that, through this collaboration with the taxi associations, the awareness campaign around road safety, which is aimed at all road users – drivers, commuters and pedestrians – will help to reduce accidents and fatalities. At the same time, HIV/AIDS remains prevalent in our communities and the commemoration of World AIDS Day is important in helping people understand the need to know their status and keep safe.”

Cornelius Mogau, Administrator at KARAMATA Taxi Association, said, “Our partnership with Impala is strong. Impala is helping to spread information that impacts the safety, health and wellbeing of our people. Through their support and contributions, we have not had one single incident of Covid-19 among our drivers – which is a remarkable statistic. This road safety campaign will make a difference to our communities.”

Levy Modise, Chairman of BAMTA Taxi Association, said “We work well together with Impala because we are all intertwined in our communities – and if the community suffers, so too does the taxi industry and Impala.”

Commenting on the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, Chris Montsho, Chairman of Bafokeng Taxi Association, said, “We must be more aware of HIV, and ensure we’re not spreading it to others. The posters from Impala share information on how to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS, and the need to support people who are living with it. We appreciate Impala Rustenburg as an important part of our community – they take their responsibility to give back to the local communities very seriously.”

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