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Inspired Education partners with The Royal College of Music and Forte to provide students with world

  • Inspired Education, in partnership with The Royal College of Music, London and Forte, have launched Pathways to Performance

  • Programme specifically designed to provide unprecedented access to world-class private music lessons

  • Pathway results in a certificate of attendance from The Royal College of Music

Inspired Education sets a new music standard in private education. With a dedication to excellence permeating every aspect of the Group’s practices, the Inspired educational experience integrates enriching academics and engaging creative and performing arts opportunities with specialist sports programmes to ensure a holistic approach to modern education.

Collectively, the three pillars of academics, performing and creative arts, and sport, are integrated into the Inspired educational approach allowing students to develop their interests and talents both inside and outside the classroom environment.

Nadim Nsouli, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Inspired Education said: “Inspired is proud to be the exclusive partner to The Royal College of Music and Forte ‘Pathways’ programme, enabling us to offer exceptional, world leading musical tuition to all our Inspired students. At Inspired we are constantly working to ensure our students receive the best possible education, and that includes their music learning and enrichment.”

Music plays a key role in the performing arts pillar in every school, whether it is deepening students’ creativity, developing their memory skills, learning to collaborate in a band or orchestra or for the sheer enjoyment and sense of achievement that comes from learning and playing music. To further develop students’ musical enrichment, Inspired is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Forte, a unique online music education platform, to connect Inspired students with the very best musicians in the world for private tuition. Forte's commitment and dedication to excellence in music has already made a profound impact on over 8,000 families in 98 countries around the world.

In partnership with The Royal College of Music in London, Forte has launched the Pathways to Performance programme exclusively for Inspired students. The programme offers a package of private lessons with otherwise inaccessible top music tutors, verified by The Royal College of Music, the world’s #1 ranked music conservatory. Every private tutor currently teaches at or has received music education training at The Royal College of Music, so they are not just excellent Royal College of Music musicians, but they have also been trained by the best in music teaching practice.

The programme caters to students at senior school level who desire to achieve advanced levels in their instrumental abilities and to those preparing for auditions or public performances. Upon completion, students will have the chance to get certificates of attendance issued from The Royal College of Music, further reflecting their hard work.

“The Royal College of Music is delighted to work with Inspired Schools to bring a love of the art and craft of music to its students. As one of the world's greatest conservatoires, we look forward to welcoming Inspired students to the RCM’s extended community.”

– Kevin Porter, Acting Director of The Royal College of Music

“Forte is committed to expanding access to high quality music education. We're thrilled to provide exclusive, unprecedented access to world-class music teachers from The Royal College of Music for Inspired's global community of students. We can't wait to hear the amazing music these students make."

– Mark Murtagh, Forte Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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