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Love is all around us at Hyde Park Corner… even on the walls!

It’s February and of course that means Hyde Park Corner is the perfect place to get loved up – we’ve even encouraged shoppers to paint on the walls because #ThisIsLoveAtHPC

The writing is on the wall… literally!

Love. It means many different things to us all. It doesn’t only have to be about romance. All kinds of love are being celebrated at Hyde Park Corner this February and they are on display on the Wall of Love as part of Hyprop Investments (Hyprop) nationwide campaign across its eight shopping centres called: ‘This is Love’, in partnership with PNA.

With creating a tangible depiction of love, Mignon Rochato, a Cape-Town based creative artist worked with Hyprop on this project: “In a world that can sometimes be devoid of colour, ‘This is Love’ was a wonderful creative outlet for me to add some colour to people’s lives.”

The 6 kinds of positive love depicted in the mural encompass: Eros – romantic and passionate Storge – familial love, natural affection Philia – platonic, friendship Agape – divine love – a meeting of the souls Xenia – hospitality/guest love Philautic – self-love

Mignon’s creation was adapted into a paint-by-numbers format and transformed into a mural which has been installed at a number of Hyprop shopping centres around South Africa including Hyde Park Corner where they were filled in by anyone who felt compelled to contribute by making their mark creatively. The result is eight vibrant and larger than life each bringing a splash of creativity and colour to the lives of all those who experience them visually.

That was just the first phase of Hyde Park Corners unique ‘This is Love’ masterpiece. Visitors to Hyde Park Corner are encouraged to continue spreading the love until the end of February by taking a photo of themselves at the mural - or just of the mural itself – and posting it along with their love story to Hyde Park Corner’s Instagram page (@hpchydeparkcorner) using the hashtag #ThisIsLoveMural. We’d love to hear your love stories!

The ‘This is Love’ campaign is our way of uniting South Africans with love and the murals can be a lasting reminder of just how brilliant an act of love can be. This is one campaign, that all South Africans should be a part of – not just for February, but for life.


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