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Reddam House Class of 2023 achieves 100% pass rate and over 1 000 subject distinctions

The Class of 2023 matrics from eight Reddam House schools in three provinces have proven their mettle in the IEB (NSC) exams, producing exceptional results across the country, including a 100% pass rate and 1,131 subject distinctions, racking up an average of three distinctions per student. Reddam House is part of the global Inspired Education Group.

With 130 students achieving an A aggregate and 33% of students achieving four or more distinctions, the Class of 2023 was characterised by tenacity, determination and focus on achieving excellence.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • One student with nine distinctions, 14 students with eight distinctions, and 19 students with seven distinctions

  • Joseph Carmody, a Reddam House Constantia student, achieved nine distinctions. His highest mark was 99% for mathematics and his overall average aggregate was 92,9%. He also received an IEB Top 1% ranking in four subjects.

  • Cameron Gall, a Reddam House Helderfontein student, achieved 100% for Maths. He also received an IEB Top 1% ranking in four subjects.

  • 130 A aggregates

  • An overall average of 73.2%

  • 1,131 subject distinctions, averaging at three distinctions per student 

  • 143 students with four or more distinctions (33% of all students)

  • The 14 students who received eight distinctions each are: from Reddam House Bedfordview - Valentina Garbini, Xinran Yu and Joshua Kahn; from Reddam House Constantia - Stilla O’Reilly and Donna Schmidt; from Reddam House Ballito - Jan-Christiaan Jacobs; from Reddam House Helderfontein - Cameron Gall; from Reddam House Umhlanga - Jan Kirsten, Minyang Li , Mahek Peeroo, Caitlin Roden, Kate Searle, Kiara Whiteboy; and from Reddam House Waterfall - Auerello Pillay.

  • 100% pass rate

  • 97% bachelors pass rate

IEB rankings

Reddam House students obtained a total of 68 rankings in the top 1% of IEB candidates per subject nationally.

Within the IEB’s list of achievers in the Top 1% of subjects, 41 Reddam House students achieved this prestigious national ranking in a total of 68 subjects. The top achievers were Cameron Gall from Reddam House Helderfontein who achieved a 1% ranking in five subjects and Auerello Pillay from Reddam House Waterfall achieved a 1% ranking in four subjects. Joseph Carmody (Reddam House Constantia), Njabulo Nobela (Reddam House Bedfordview), Jan-Christiaan Jacobs (Reddam House Ballito), Amy Slow (Reddam House Waterfall) and Jan Kirsten (Reddam House Umhlanga) achieved a ranking in the top 1% in three subjects.

Eleven students achieved a national ranking within the top 5% in six or more subjects, placing them on the IEB Outstanding Achievement List. They are Luke Boamgard, Joshua Kahn, Njabulo Nobela, Kyshani Pillay and Xinran Yu from Reddam House Bedfordview, Joseph Carmody from Reddam House Constantia, Demira Naran and Auerello Pillay from Reddam House Waterfall, Cameron Gall from Reddam House Helderfontein, and Kiara Whiteboy and Jan Kirsten from Reddam House Umhlanga.

Three students - Mashau Madzhie from Reddam House Bedfordview, Still O’Reilly from Reddam House Constantia and Amy Slow from Reddam House Waterfall - were listed on the IEB’s Commendable Achievement List for achieving a national ranking within the top 5% in five subjects.

Top performing schools in the Inspired Education Group

Reddam House Waterfall, Reddam House Umhlanga and Reddam House Constantia are the top achieving schools in the group, with Reddam House Waterfall achieving 3.2 distinctions per candidate and an overall average of 75.74%; Reddam House Umhlanga with 3.18 distinctions per candidate and a 75.67% average; and Reddam House Constantia with 2.96 distinctions per candidate and a 74.78% average.

Beyond academic results

Beyond the exceptional results achieved by Reddam House students, stories of overcoming adversity and commitment to giving back stand out as beacons of hope and demonstrate the Reddam House ethos and values instilled in students from the very start of their school careers, values that will stand them in good stead as future leaders.

Joshua Kahn, Reddam House Bedfordview’s Dux Scholar, achieved nine distinctions, with a 97% mark for mathematics. In addition to the dedication and focus Joshua put into achieving his exceptional results, he also completed over 1,200 hours of community service over the last two years, demonstrating his commitment to the Reddam House pillar of giving back.

Tristan Daly from Reddam House Umhlanga, who achieved seven distinctions, is also the youngest person ever to qualify as a premier league cricket umpire. Talented both academically and in sport, Tristan embodies the Reddam House ethos of respect, support, kindness, and nurturing well-rounded individuals, and has been accepted to study medicine.

Sam Mdakane, a Reddam House Umhlanga student who received five distinctions, has triumphed over adversity. He was discovered singing in a rural school by Georgie Carter, who went on to become his benefactor, getting permission from his grandmother to pay for him to attend the Drakensberg Boys Choir. Sam joined Reddam House Umhlanga in Grade 10 with continued support from the Carters, and has gone on to excel both academically, achieving five distinctions in his matric results, in a leadership position equivalent to Head Boy, and in the arts. Sam was a member of the KZN Youth Choir and Youth Orchestra and has been accepted to study music at TUKS. His ambition is to become the first black conductor in South Africa.

Says Ravi Nadasen, CEO of Inspired Education Group Africa, “Congratulations to the incredible class of 2023 matriculants! Their outstanding results are a testament to their hard work, dedication, and resilience and a reflection of the exceptional education provided by the entire team at Inspired Schools. We are immensely proud of their achievements and know that they have a bright future ahead. We are honoured to have been a part of their journey.”


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