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Reddam House Durbanville’s Class of 2021 brings home top Cambridge results

Reddam House Durbanville in Cape Town is celebrating excellent results achieved by their cohort of 35 students who this year completed their International Cambridge AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Levels achieving an impressive total of 112 distinctions across 16 subjects.

The Cambridge International (CI) A-Levels and AS-Levels are part of the dual curriculum offered by Reddam House Durbanville - the other curriculum offered is South Africa’s Independent Examinations Board (IEB) - both prepare students exceptionally well for tertiary education and their careers.

Barry Nieuwoudt, the School’s Executive Head, says: “Our dual curriculum offering gives students the opportunity of a win-win choice between two renowned, quality options, both preparing candidates more rigorously for tertiary education requirements, as well as workplace critical thinking and problem-solving expectations.”

Nieuwoudt says the final 2021 CI AS-Level and A-Level results, released on Monday, 10 January 2022, led to much rejoicing among the high-achieving students, their families, and the proud Reddam House Durbanville team who have nurtured the class, guiding, supporting, motivating, and encouraging the youngsters as they took on the challenges of the different subjects.

The subject selection for AS-Levels included English Language, English Language and Literature, French, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Business, Accounting, Drama, History, Geography, and Art and Design. The A-Level subjects were Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Art and Design, and English Language.

Two AS-Level students took the bold step of adding A-Level Mathematics to their subject total this year:

  • Zea de Bruyn skipped AS-Level Mathematics and completed A-Level Mathematics, achieving 96% for this result

  • Victor Vermeulen completed the AS-Level Mathematics modules that will allow him to complete A-Levels earlier next year, in the May/ June 2022 exam series. The results achieved in 2021 for Victor were an outstanding 96% as well.

World-class AS-Level Results

35 students from Reddam House Durbanville wrote Cambridge International a total of 162 examinations in 2021 which equates to an average of 4.6 subjects taken per student.

100% of students achieved a Matric Pass (students are required to achieve above 50% in all subjects in order to achieve Matric Exemption and 40% in at least two subjects to achieve Matric Pass when combined with their IGCSE results). Of the Reddam House Durbanville students, 97% obtained Matric Exemption with overall average increasing from 80% in 2020 to 81.4% in 2021.

An overview of the results shows:

  • 91% of grades achieved were either an A or a B

  • 57% of the grades achieved were an A

  • 112 distinctions were achieved across 16 subjects

  • 13 students achieved above 90% in one or more subjects

  • 11 students achieved above 90% for AS Mathematics

  • 67% of Mathematics students achieved an A grade

All subjects at AS Level achieved over 70% aggregate:

  • Art and Design - 90%

  • Afrikaans - 89%

  • Computer Science - 83%

  • History - 86%

  • Mathematics - 85%

  • Physics - 85%

  • Chemistry - 84%

  • French - 84%

  • Drama - 83%

  • Biology - 81%

Of the Reddam House Durbanville students who completed the Cambridge International examinations in 2021, 57% of them (a total of 20 students) achieved over 80% average:

  • Pereira Rachel - 94%

  • Brink Laura - 93%

  • Vermeulen Victor - 93%

  • De Bruyn Zea - 93%

  • Dyers Tamryn - 92%

  • Bowers Nicholas - 91%

  • Rapson Jenna - 90%

  • Prinsloo Monya - 90%

  • Dyers Chloe - 88%

  • La Grange Monique - 88%

  • Botha Aidan - 87%

  • Steenberg Eldane - 86%

  • Davies Daniel - 85%

  • Kent Emma - 85%

  • Retief Connor - 84%

  • Wilson Leia - 84%

  • Visser Nadine - 84%

  • Bhayat Zaqiyah - 84%

  • Van der Velde Lara-Bo - 83%

  • Botha Jana - 80%

Grade 13 A-Level Students Soared to New Heights

The school also boasts Grade 13 A-Level students who were highly successful in their examinations with an overall average of 84% achieved across five subjects. This is a huge improvement on the 2020 A-Level results. Keenan Kapnias achieved a 95% average for the three subjects he wrote (Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics); while Mitchell de Groote achieved a 92% average for the three subjects he wrote (Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics). Of the four A-Level students in 2021, two achieved an A* aggregate (over 90%) and the remaining two achieved a B aggregate.

Overall, these results were also particularly significant for the seven students who have applied to study Medicine from 2022, and who were counting on exceptional results to ensure acceptance at different universities – they all did very well and are now waiting with eager anticipation to hear whether or not they are being offered places.

Managing Director of Education and Ethos at Reddam House, Sheena Crawford-Kempster says, “This success was achieved as a result of the proactive, strategic and operational measures we adopted, as well as the unfailing commitment and dedication of our Heads and teachers in the holistic pursuit of academic excellence at Reddam House Durbanville.”

Nieuwoudt adds that Reddam House Durbanville students regularly achieve Cambridge Student Achievement Awards, including Top in the World for AS Mathematics and English Language and Literature and numerous Top in South Africa positions in the school’s broad range of Cambridge subjects.

For more information, visit the Inspired Schools website and click on Africa & Middle East link.

Images Below: Reddam House Durbanville's A-Level Students

Images Below: Reddam House Durbanville's AS-Level Students


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