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Reddam House Durbanville’s Class of 2022 achieves 83 distinctions by 34 students

The Cambridge International A and AS-Level students at Reddam House Durbanville have once again excelled in these globally recognised examinations, with the Class of 22’s 34 students achieving a 99% pass rate and a total of 83 subject distinctions in 16 subjects.

Designed to test the academic abilities of students and prepare them for further study at top local and international universities, AS-Level examinations were written by 33 Reddam House Durbanville students and A-Levels by one student. The Cambridge International A-Levels and AS-Levels are part of the dual curriculum offered by Reddam House Durbanville. The other curriculum offered is South Africa’s Independent Examinations Board (IEB).

Top AS-Level achievers

The AS (Advanced Subsidiary) students achieved an exceptional 80 subject distinctions across subjects including Afrikaans Language, Accounting, Art & Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Drama, English Language, French, Geography, History, English Language & Literature, Maths, Spanish and Physics.

Nine students achieved above 90% in a subject, with the top performer, Luka Joubert, achieving 90% for four out of five subjects, namely Chemistry, Computer Science, Maths and Physics and an aggregate of 90,6%. Luka has been provisionally accepted to study actuarial science at the University of Stellenbosch this year.

The second highest AS-Level achiever, Sarah Webber, received a notation from Cambridge International on her AS Level French result, quoted as "With Distinction in Speaking", confirming her excellence in the subject. She is planning to do A-Levels this year, which will allow her to begin an environmental degree with a social focus at a university in France, if she is accepted. She has already received conditional offers from the University of Stellenbosch.

The top 10 Class of 22 AS Level achievers are:

  • Luka Joubert – 90,6%

  • Sarah Webber – 90,5%

  • Nathan Dinbabo – 87%

  • Le Roux Lategan – 87%

  • Christopher van Zyl – 86,4%

  • David Madighi-Oghu – 83,3%

  • Rebekah Lumsden – 81%

  • Nirvana Reddy – 80,6%

  • Zoryn Rothuysen – 79,8%

  • Erin Pavitt – 79,2%

An overview of the results shows:

  • 99% pass rate

  • 80 subject A’s

  • 11 A averages

  • 9 students achieved above 90% in a subject

  • 76% overall group aggregate

Grade 13 A-Level Achiever overcomes adversity

The Class of 22 had one A-Level student, whose remarkable story of courage and tenacity saw him achieving over 90% for two of his three subjects, against considerable odds. Daniel Bovim, a keen mountain biker who had achieved good results throughout his high school years, entered a mountain biking event just before the start of his AS Level exams at the end of 2021, and an unfortunate accident resulted in memory loss, concussion and a broken collar bone. The specialists treating him recommended that he did not write exams at the end of that year. In a decision that made him the first student in the history of Reddam House Durbanville to combine AS and A levels for three subjects, Daniel then elected to complete both strenuous years in one, writing five exams each for Physics and Chemistry and four exams for Mathematics in November 2022. His achievement of 92% for Physics, 91% for Chemistry and 83% for Mathematics is a true reflection of his exceptional strength of character and determination.

Commenting on his future plans, Daniel says, “I’m very excited to have heard back from the University of Stellenbosch, who have given me a conditional acceptance to study chemical engineering and the residence of my choice, as well as a conditional offer for a bursary. I was very happy to receive all this great news and I’m looking forward to the next four years of studying there.”

Barry Nieuwoudt, Executive Head of Reddam House Durbanville, says, “It is always with great anticipation that the results are downloaded from the Cambridge International site, and this year we are proud again to receive the confirmation of our students' excellence. Their results are testament to the stories we have witnessed over the last year of the hard work and effort that led to excellent improvement in individual student subject results. We wish them the very best as they begin their lives outside of school.” Nieuwoudt adds that Reddam House Durbanville students regularly achieve Cambridge Student Achievement Awards, including Top in the World for AS Mathematics and English Language and Literature and numerous Top in South Africa positions in the school’s broad range of Cambridge subjects.

Ravi Nadasen, CEO of Inspired Education Group Africa says, “Congratulations to the Class of 22 and to the parents and teachers who have supported, mentored, guided and nurtured the students in their journey to achieving excellence.”

For more information, visit the Inspired Schools website and click on Africa & Middle East link.

Image: Luka Joubert (90,6%)
Luka Joubert (90,6%)

Image: Sarah Webber (90,5%)
Sarah Webber (90,5%)

Image: Nathan Dinbabo – 87%
Nathan Dinbabo – 87%

Image: Le Roux Lategan (87%)
Le Roux Lategan (87%)

Image: Christopher van Zyl (86,4%)
Christopher van Zyl (86,4%)

Image: David Madighi-Oghu (83,25%)
David Madighi-Oghu (83,25%)

Image: Rebekah Lumsden (81%)
Rebekah Lumsden (81%)

Image: Nirvana Reddy (80,6%)
Nirvana Reddy (80,6%)

Image: Zoryn Rothuysen (79,8%)
Zoryn Rothuysen (79,8%)

Image: Erin Pavitt (79,2%)
Erin Pavitt (79,2%)


Image: Daniel Bovim (88,7%)
Daniel Bovim (88,7%)


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