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Reddam House Gauteng schools achieve 98% bachelor pass rate

Inspired Education Group’s three Reddam House schools in Gauteng – Reddam House Waterfall, Reddam House Bedfordview and Reddam House Helderfontein – have achieved excellent results in the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams, with a 98% bachelor pass rate, 100% pass rate, and 488 distinctions out of a total of 196 students, averaging out at 2.49 distinctions per student, and 59 students achieving four or more distinctions.

Eight Gauteng students achieved a national ranking within the top 5% in six or more subjects, placing them on the IEB Outstanding Achievement List. They are Luke Boamgard, Joshua Kahn, Njabulo Nobela, Kyshani Pillay and Xinran Yu from Reddam House Bedfordview, Demira Naran and Auerello Pillay from Reddam House Waterfall, and Cameron Gall from Reddam House Helderfontein.

The highlights of the Class of 2023 students at Reddam House schools in Gauteng are:

  • An average percentage of 72.65% across the three schools

  • The 196 students in three schools received 488 distinctions, an average of 2.49 distinctions per student

  • 59 students across the three schools achieved four or more distinctions

  • Five students received eight distinctions, and 16 received seven distinctions

  • One student achieved an impressive 100% mark in Maths

  • 98% bachelor pass rate

  • 100% pass rate

Reddam House Waterfall

Reddam House Waterfall is the top performing school across the Inspired Education Group in South Africa. 35.56% of students achieved an A Aggregate, resulting in an average of 3.16 A’s per student. The overall average of the schools was 75.74%.

The top achievers at Reddam House Waterfall are Auerello Pillay with eight distinctions, and Amy Slow, Demira Naran, Abigail Browne, Warona Mtjila, Rivar Maharaj and Reatlegile Sebulela with seven distinctions.

Auerello Pillay, top achiever at Reddam House Waterfall comments, “Based on my Prelim results and consistency, I’ve been provisionally accepted to study Bachelor of Law at University of Pretoria. Motivated by inclusion my mission is to use my passion for others and their differences to bring about lasting change. I aim to promote non-discrimination and substantive equality in as many forums as possible.”

Warona Mtjila, who achieved seven distinctions, says, “Matric was by far the most challenging year in my school career, from the gruelling workload to immense preparation required for the three sets of exams, time management, dedication and work ethic. However, because I was forced to work consistently throughout the year I found the Finals manageable. I’ve applied to study Accounting Sciences at University of Pretoria this year as I hope to qualify as a chartered accountant.”

Reddam House Helderfontein

Reddam House Helderfontein also recorded excellent year-on-year improvements. 15.91%  of students at Reddam House Helderfontein achieved an A Aggregate, and 25% achieved a B Aggregate. On average they achieved 1.7 A’s per candidate.

A Reddam House Helderfontein student – Cameron Gall – achieved eight distinctions. He also has the exceptional accolade of achieving 100% in mathematics and a national ranking on the IEB Outstanding Achievement List. Two students – Keaton Walsingham-Fradd and Jared De Gray Birch – achieved seven distinctions each.

Commenting on his plans for the future, Cameron Gall says, “Matric has definitely made me a better version of myself but I’m glad it’s over. I’ve always had a love for space, which is why I’ve applied to astro physics at Wits. I hope to obtain my masters and eventually my PhD in astrophysics and contribute to space missions, analyse astronomical data gathered from telescopes and satellites, and be part of projects exploring the cosmos.”

Reddam House Bedfordview

Joshua Kahn, Reddam House Bedfordview’s Dux Scholar, achieved eight distinctions. His highest mark was 97% for mathematics. In addition to the dedication and focus Joshua put into achieving his exceptional results, he also completed over 1,200 hours of community service over the last two years, demonstrating his commitment to the Reddam House pillar of giving back.

Two other students – Xinran Yu and Valentina Garbini – also achieved eight distinctions each, and eight students achieved seven distinctions each, namely Njabulo Nobela, Kyshani Pillay, Mashau Madzhie, Lauren van Zyl, Amber Bird, Caitlin Capon, Nikita Weigl  and Matthew Hattingh.

National results

Nationally, Reddam House South Africa’s Class of 2022 achieved results beyond expectations across their eight schools located in three provinces (Western Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal), with a 100% pass rate in the IEB exams and 1,131 subject distinctions, averaging out at three distinctions per student. A total of 33% of all students achieved four or more distinctions.

IEB rankings

Reddam House students obtained a total 68 rankings in the top 1% of IEB candidates per subject nationally and 14 students received rankings on the IEB’s Outstanding and Commendable Achievement lists.

Says Ravi Nadasen, CEO of Inspired Education Group Africa, “Congratulations to the incredible class of 2023 matriculants! Their outstanding results are a testament to their hard work, dedication, and resilience and a reflection of the exceptional education provided by the entire team at Inspired Schools. We are immensely proud of their achievements and know that they have a bright future ahead. We are honoured to have been a part of their journey.”


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