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Reddam House Waterfall Appoints Shelly Matthews as Head of College

Image: Shelly Matthews, Head of College, Reddam House Waterfall
Shelly Matthews, Head of College, Reddam House Waterfall

Reddam House Waterfall is delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs Shelly Matthews as the new Head of College, commencing in January 2024. With an illustrious career in education and a wealth of experience, Mrs Matthews is set to lead Reddam House Waterfall to new heights of academic excellence and innovation.

Originally from Johannesburg, Mrs Matthews has served as the Deputy Headmistress: Academics at St. Peter's College since 2011. She holds a H.Dip.Ed and a B.Ed. Hons, showcasing her unwavering commitment to lifelong learning and dedication to educational advancement.

Throughout her 30 years of experience in the field of education, Mrs Matthews has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a remarkable ability to set strategic vision and academic standards. Her tenure at St. Peter's College has been marked by numerous achievements, including spearheading a rise in university entrance rates from 85% to an impressive 97%. Her commitment to academic excellence and passion for innovative teaching methodologies, such as Project-Based Learning, have set her apart as a leader in her field.

Mrs Matthews has continuously sought to enhance her skills through professional development, undertaking various courses with renowned institutions. These include Values-Based Leadership at UCT Graduate School of Business, Project-Based Learning Conference at PBL World San Francisco, Thinking Styles Profile with the Neethling Brain Institute, and the Leadership Development Programme at Wits Business School, among others.

Colleagues and stakeholders alike have lauded Mrs Matthews for her exceptional service and unwavering dedication to education. She has been commended for taking academics to new levels, being approachable, fair, and consistent in her interactions, and for being a high-calibre individual. These accolades reflect the profound impact she has had on the lives of students and the educational community.

In response to questions about her new role, Mrs Matthews expressed her vision for Reddam House Waterfall, stating, "It is my goal to promote and contribute to the successfully established culture of excellence at the College. I am committed to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment, where staff and students feel supported and motivated to achieve their goals and aspirations. I aim to encourage parental involvement through collaboration and open communication, and to celebrate diversity and achievements within the school community."

Mrs Matthews brings a wealth of leadership qualities to her new role. She is known for leading with integrity, making well-informed decisions, and holding herself and others accountable for meeting objectives and deadlines. Her philosophy centres around collaboration and inspiring others to do their best work, and she emphasises the importance of building positive relationships and effective communication within a supportive learning environment.

Reddam House Waterfall stands out among other schools in the area due to its beautiful and welcoming campus, rigorous curriculum, and a culture of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. The school employs exceptional teachers who are dedicated to their profession and effectively engage students in the learning process. Moreover, Reddam House Waterfall embraces technology to enhance teaching and learning.

As Reddam House Waterfall welcomes Shelly Matthews as the Head of College, the school community eagerly anticipates the future of academic excellence, innovation, and inclusive learning under her guidance. Her proven track record, leadership qualities, and passion for education position her as the ideal leader to inspire and transform the lives of students at Reddam House Waterfall.


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