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The Foundation that gives 100% to disadvantaged children – all the time

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The 100% Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a difference – 100% of its income goes directly to its beneficiaries, which include various early childhood development centres and primary schools in communities in the informal sector on the East Rand.

The organisation was established by Affinity Health in 2016 as a CSI initiative with the vision “to create an educated society of successful contributors.”

Janap Biemba, Senior Development & Projects Coordinator of 100% Foundation, who has a strong background in humanitarian work in feeding schemes and teaching children, says that while the bulk of their funding comes directly from companies within Affinity Enterprises, their aim is to source additional funding and support from other companies to increase their impact in disadvantaged areas, building infrastructure, promoting education, and providing food security.

“100% Foundation evolved as we started working with children in informal settlements in the Benoni area where Affinity’s head office is located. The group soon recognised the dire need for greater focus specifically on early childhood development within these poverty-stricken communities and we formalised the organisation,” explains Janap, who works with an associate, Phumzile Skosana, Development & Project Coordinator, on the 100% Foundation projects.

Pre Grade R & toddler educational kits donated by the 100% Foundation to ECD’s Janap Biemba (100% Foundation Snr Projector & Development Co-ordinator), Phumzile Skhosana (Projects Co-ordinator of 100% Foundation) with Teacher Patricia and Principal Johanna Phakula from Little Humble Achievers Day Care

ECD centres and schools have been ‘adopted’ by the Foundation and various programmes have been implemented that include practitioner and educator upskilling and training, nutritional advice and support, working with community volunteers to support literacy and other programmes, identifying and supporting other local NGOs registered with the Department of Social Development in the communities, equipping libraries, and more.

The Foundation is teaching the children English in the informal settlements along the N12 “because English is the international language of business, and by learning it, these children will have a good foundation for future career opportunities,” says Janap. The Foundation has also implemented Vivlia training kits for the educators to empower them to improve their teaching skills and to provide much-needed resources for the school.

In the Chief Albert Luthuli area, the team found that an alarming number of foundation phase learners were unable to read or write in their home languages by the time they transitioned to intermediate phase, resulting in the implementation of the Siyaphumelela Literacy project, which engages parents and educators in literacy and numeracy development, equips and supports ECD practitioners and foundation phase educators, and nurtures a reading culture among children. This concept has extended to involving volunteer ‘gogos’ in the communities to assist with weekly literacy classes.

The 100% Foundation is working with Care for Education, a partner of the Lego Foundation, in rolling out the Lego-block based teaching programme to district schools, with the hope that it will expand with additional support and be introduced to more schools throughout the country.

The team’s efforts have also resulted in a library being established at Chief Albert Luthuli Primary School in Cloverdene through book donations from staff, NPOs and other supporters; extensive nutritional feeding schemes at various ECD centres; working with and mentoring single mothers; and more.

As an NPO, the 100% Foundation is managed by a board that includes three directors from Affinity Enterprises, and guarantees that all funding received is spent on approved projects within the informal settlements. “There is endless scope for more work to be done in these disadvantaged areas to give a greater number of children the opportunity for a better chance of a bright future – and we are constantly on the lookout for partners, supporters, donors, and volunteers to join us in our efforts to bring relief where there is great need,” says Janap.

For more information or to get involved, visit or The 100 Percent Foundation on Facebook, or 0861105769 or


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